June 11, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Interview: Legislative Meltdown
Steve Delaney and Bob Kinzel discuss the end of this legislative biennium and ill will between the House and Senate.

AARP Vermont Chapter
Until eight months ago, there was no AARP office in Vermont. Now that the organization has opened up shop, it’s become an influential force in state government. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Budget Deficit at $25 Million
According to the latest revenue report, the state will end the current fiscal year with roughly a $25 million deficit. Money will be taken from the rainy day budget fund to cover this shortfall. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Cuts in Federal Health Care
Congressman Bernard Sanders warns that Vermont hospitals and health care providers are threatened by cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. He says that the federal government fails to cover the full cost of care, and that means hospitals often lose money on Medicare patients. (VPR)

Casella Anti-Trust Settlement
The Vermont attorney general’s office has reached an anti-trust settlement with a Rutland-based solid waste company. (VPR)

NH Senate Race
New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith says he’ll win the GOP primary over challenger John Sununu because, he says, the polls are always wrong in his elections. (AP)

Yankee Information Leak
Middlebury lawyer James Dumont of Middlebury is under fire for giving a reporter information about the Entergy Corporation. Entergy calls the information confidential, Dumont says he did nothing wrong. Entergy is asking that Dumont be punished by the Public Service Board. (AP)

Andres Sentenced
Burlington lawyer Robert Andres was sentenced to jail time yesterday for punching a man in a wheelchair. Andres is appealing. (AP)

Sanders Park
Representative Bernie Sanders is getting his own beach. The Burlington Council voted last night after a heated debate to rename North Beach after Sanders, a former Mayor of Burlington. (AP)

Prescription Drug Marketing
Governor Howard Dean will sign a bill on Thursday that will enable Vermonters to learn how drug companies are marketing their prescriptions to physicians. The bill is part of an effort to reduce prescription drug costs. (AP)

Prisoners’ Mental Health Services
Services provided to mentally ill criminal offenders could be substantially improved under a plan reported on by this morning’s Brattleboro Reformer. (AP)

Hazlett Trial Date Set
Lawyers have agreed on a trial date in October for Nathan Hazlett, the Brattleboro man charged in the death of Michael Blood last winter. (AP)

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