June 10. 2003 – News at a glance

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No Child Left Behind: financing the law
President Bush says his “No Child Left Behind” policy will ensure all children receive an education – no matter what their background or needs. As part of the new law, each state sets its own standards and devises tests to assess how well children are meeting those standards. Federal law requires states to identify failing schools, largely on the basis of those test scores. The president promised historic increases in education spending to help states meet the new policy. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Sanders’ bill would undo FCC rules change
Congressman Bernie Sanders says he’ll introduce legislation in Washington on Tuesday that rescinds last week’s FCC decision. The decision allows one company to own a TV station and a newspaper in the same market. Sanders says the decision needs to be overturned because it’s bad for democracy. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Bush anti-drug plan
White House Deputy Drug Czar Andrea Barthwell was in East Dorset on Monday to promote the president’s new anti-drug initiative. The program would create a voucher system to provide a wider choice of treatment programs, including faith-based programs. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Clavelle attends U.S. Mayors Conference
Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle is in Denver this week for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Clavelle, who runs Vermont’s largest city, says mayors are worried about the fiscal policies of the Bush administration. (VPR)

Nurses begin radio campaign
A radio campaign starts Monday for the nurses’ union at Fletcher Allen Hospital. The advertisements discuss the nurses’ efforts to reach a contract agreement with the hospital. The nurses also have filed notice they could form an informational picket next week. (AP)

Waitsfield murder suspect
A jury at the upcoming murder trial of a Vermont man will be able to hear about statements he made to police. Nineteen-year-old Isaac Turnbaugh has pleaded innocent to a first-degree murder charge in the Waitsfield shooting of his former co-worker, Declan Lyons. (AP)

State revenues down
Vermont state revenues slumped sharply in May after booming in April. Revenues were $38.5 million for May, about 22% below the projected figure of $49 million. (AP)

Vermont Gas Systems prices
The natural gas company serving northwestern Vermont is looking for a rate increase. Vermont Gas Systems has asked the Public Service Board to approve a 10.5% rate increase. Natural Gas prices have been spiking around the country due to tight supplies, a cold winter and a cooler-than-normal spring. Company officials say they’re trying to recover their wholesale costs. (AP)

Teen smoking study
Adolescents who watch movies in which actors smoke a lot are about three times more likely to take up the habit. That’s according to a new medical study by Dartmouth Medical School that involved more than 2,600 children from Vermont and New Hampshire schools. (AP)

Dean in Texas
Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean wants to show that Vermont and Texas really aren’t that different. The former Vermont governor traveled to President Bush’s home state Monday, where he made several appearances in Austin, the state capital. (AP)

Danville suspect pleads innocent
A 54-year-old Saint Johnsbury man will continue to be held without bail in the shooting deaths nine days ago of two friends. Henry “Hank” Butson pleaded innocent at Vermont District Court in Saint Johnsbury to killing 48-year-old Karen Holderby and 50-year-old Melvin McFarland. (AP)

Peregrine falcons
A Vermont panel is recommending that peregrine falcons be removed from the list of endangered species. The falcons would be upgraded to threatened, a status that would still protect the birds that were once nearly extinct in Vermont. (AP)

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