July 9, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Vermont Guard Anticipates Large Deployment
Vermont National Guard Adjutant General Martha Rainville says it’s likely that an unprecedented number of Vermont Guard members will be called up for active duty as part of the war in Iraq in the near future. (VPR)

Sanders Reacts to Amendment’s Defeat
Congressman Bernie Sanders was at the lead of an unsuccessful effort to roll back part of the USA Patriot Act. The Republican-led House bowed to a White House veto threat and defeated Sanders’ effort to remove the part of the anti-terrorism law that helps the government investigate people’s reading habits. As Chad Pergram of the Capitol Hill Bureau reports, supporters of the amendment reacted strongly to tactics used in the voting process. (VPR)

House Defeats Sanders’ Patriot Act Amendment
In a highly contentious and partisan debate Thursday afternoon, the U.S. House defeated an effort by Congressman Bernie Sanders to make changes to the USA Patriot Act. Sanders wanted to remove a provision of the law that allows the federal government to seek information from libraries and book stores about an individual’s reading habits. (VPR)

Coalition Focuses on Health Costs
A new coalition has formed in Vermont to tackle an old problem. A diverse group of business people, non-profit organizations and others are working together to find ways to reform the state’s health care system. Coalition members say that health care costs are rising out of control and that more and more people are unable to afford health insurance. (VPR)

Brock Announces Candidacy for Auditor
Retired business executive Randy Brock launched his campaign for the Republican nomination for state auditor on Thursday. In his announcement, Brock promised to provide an independent and non-partisan approach to the office, something he says incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Ready has failed to do in her two terms as auditor.

Backstage with ‘The Gondoliere’
One of the last great works of Gilbert and Sullivan is being performed in the woods of East Calais. VPR’s Neal Charnoff went “Backstage” with “The Gondoliers,” being produced by the Unadilla Theater Company. (VRP)

Missing Fuel Rods
Entergy Nuclear says it has a possible lead in the investigation of two nuclear fuel rods missing from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power. Plant officials say the highly radioactive fuel rods could be in a container in the spent fuel pool. (AP)

Energy Efficient Buildings
U.S. Senator James Jeffords has introduced legislation to promote environmentally friendly federal buildings and schools. The measure authorizes $35 million over five years to support buildings that boost energy efficiency and reduce waste. (AP)

Alburg Wind Tower
State officials are asking developers to consider building a single wind turbine just north of Alburg. The turbine would provide power to a building at the town’s welcome center. (AP)

Car Collides with Train
The Amtrak Vermonter passenger train collided with a car in Amherst, Massachusetts, sending the car’s driver to the hospital. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon. No passengers on the train were injured. The train originated in Saint Albans, Vermont, and was heading for Washington. (AP)

Montpelier Flag Desecrations
Police in Montpelier say the burning of an American flag on a statue outside a downtown Catholic church last week is among a string of recent flag desecrations and thefts in the city. Police Chief Douglas Hoyt says at least five incidents have been reported since the middle of June. (AP)

Youth Vandalism in West Burke
West Burke officials want to bring peace back to the village. They say groups of young people are vandalizing property, using foul language and intimidating children in the local park. (AP)

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