July 9, 2002 – News at a Glance

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State Budget Cuts
The Dean administration is putting together a plan to cut roughly $30 million from the new state budget. Administration Secretary Kathy Hoyt says it’s possible the proposal could include layoffs in the state’s workforce. (VPR)

INS Expansion in Vermont
The nation’s focus on preventing terrorism will lead to more jobs at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Vermont. INS Commissioner James Ziglar said in South Burlington Monday that Vermont is a key part of the agency’s operations. (VPR)

Quebec Forest Fires
Smoke from forest fires in the James Bay region of Canada has drifted east of Vermont, but hundreds of firefighters are still battling the blazes. Charlotte Leger of the Forest Fire Protection Agency of Quebec says there are dozens of fires currently burning. (VPR)

Fraudulent Executives Bill
Congressman Bernie Sanders is introducing legislation to deal with what he calls “the culture of corporate greed.” Sanders serves on the House Banking Committee. The Committee held a special hearing Monday on the finances of WorldCom – the nation’s second largest telephone company. (VPR)

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