July 8, 2002 – News at a Glance

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Everyone Loves a Parade
Today and in the coming weeks, VPR will explore the “Sounds of Vermont” and what they mean to us. This week we look at the community parade. The Vermont Department of Tourism estimates that some 170 different parades will be held this year across the state. While the themes may vary, the underlying feelings, memories and emotions that parades conjure remain constant for many of us. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Constitutional Re-enactment
Two Hundred-twenty five years ago today, Vermont’s constitution was adopted by a group of delegates meeting in Windsor. It’s a landmark document. Last weekend, the Secretary of State’s Office invited Vermonters to play the part of the document’s authors and consider what changes might be made to Vermont’s original constitution. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Credit Card Fraud
State police are warning against giving out credit card information over the phone. A Warren resident says that someone called claiming to represent a bank and asked for credit card and personal identification numbers. (AP)

Cigarette Tax
A pack of cigarettes now averages $3.85 in Vermont. A new 49-cent sales tax on cigarettes went into effect on July 1. The cigarette tax is set to go up another 26 cents next July. (AP)

Quebec Fires
New York health officials are urging people to stay indoors to reduce their exposure to smoke from the Quebec forest fires. Smoke from the fires blanketed New England over the weekend and affected skies as far south as Washington, D.C. (AP)

Boating Accident
A 46-year-old Charlotte man faces arraignment in a Lake Champlain boating accident that killed two children over the holiday weekend. Police say they believe that George martin was boating while intoxicated. (AP)

Abandoned Property Fund
State Treasurer Jim Douglas says that Vermont s abandoned property fund has made over $2.3 million. That money will be turned over to the state s general fund. (AP)

Milton Merger
The village and town of Milton are exploring a merger that would reunite the two municipalities. The town and village separated more than a century ago. Officials say that taxes will drop for all residents if the merger goes through. (AP)

Jay Peak
Officials at Jay Peak ski resort say they now have the funding to expand into a year-round operation and hire another 100 people. President Bill Stenger says construction will begin this summer on an 18-hole golf course and the transformation into a four-season resort will be complete in two years. (AP)

Springfield Tool Shop Auction
A former owner of the Byrant Grinder and Fellows Corporation shops in Springfield is going to auction off equipment from the factories this fall. BF Acquisition bought the two machine tool companies at a bankruptcy auction and then sold them. But the recent sales did not include many of the machines in the shops. BF Acquisition s president, Hunter Banbury, says he plans to hold an auction in September or October to sell the equipment. (AP)

Montpelier Bicycle Program
Bikes are now available to be borrowed in Montpelier to help people get around the capital city. Americorps and Wheels Transportation launched the program on Friday with ten pink and yellow bicycles. The program is aimed at easing traffic congestion and pollution. Organizers are accepting donations of one-speed and three-speed bikes. (AP)

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