July 5, 2002 – News at a Glance

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ANR Approves Clyde River Project
Vermont’s Natural Resources secretary has overruled his staff on permit conditions for a Clyde River hydroelectric project. The permit would allow Citizens Utilities to get a new federal license for its two Clyde River dams. But environmentalists argue the power generation will come at the expense of stream habitat. (VPR)

DeCormier Celebrates 80 Years
Musicians from around the country are honoring the work of Vermont’s Robert DeCormier this year. The occasion is DeCormier’s eightieth birthday and the celebrations mark his life’s work. Vermonters may know him as the director of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Chorus, but he has deep roots as a conductor and arranger in the nation’s folk music scene. (VPR)

Backstage with “Proof”
During the summer theater season, Vermont Public Radio goes “Backstage” to talk with actors and directors about the plays and the performances. This week, the Weston Playhouse opens the Vermont premiere of Proof, the play by David Auburn that’s still running on Broadway, and last year’s recipient of a Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize. (VPR)

Invasive Exotic Plants
In Vermont, a new ban on selling or propagating invasive and exotic plants is part of a larger effort to keep them from overpowering native species. (VPR)

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