July 27, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Leahy Welcomes 9/11 Commission Recommendations
Vermont Senator Patrick is among New England Democrats welcoming the bipartisan 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. But the question of whether safety is improving depends on what side of the political divide you’re on. (VPR)

Interview: Dean Urges His Delegates to Support Kerry
All this week, VPR will provide reports from the Vermont delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. One of those delegates is former Senate President Peter Shumlin of Putney. VPR’s Bob Kinzel spoke with him about a key decision that delegates who are pledged to former governor Howard Dean must make in the next few days. (VPR)

Brownsville Baked Bean Supper
Sixty-nine years ago the Brownsville Grange began serving weekly baked bean suppers in the summertime. Today, the local grange is no more, but the bean suppers continue as a benefit to the historical society and a parent-teacher group. (VPR)

Clavelle television ad criticizes Douglas’ drug policy
Democrat Peter Clavelle has launched the first television ad of the gubernatorial campaign with criticism of Governor Jim Douglas’s policy on prescription drugs. (VPR)

New Hampshire added to presidential battleground states
Political analysts have added New Hampshire to the list of battleground states in the Presidential election. (VPR)

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