July 14, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Kentucky Prison Abuse Allegations
A Vermont prison inmate who is serving time out-of-state wants to be sent back to Vermont because he says he was sexually assaulted in a Kentucky jail. The inmate says he needs to be transferred for his own safety. He says prison authorities in Kentucky have threatened him for speaking out about the abuse. But Vermont corrections officials don’t believe his charges, and say the inmate doesn’t need to be moved. (VPR)

Senate Vote on Gay Marriage
Both of Vermont’s U.S. senators say they’ll vote against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage when the measure comes to the Senate floor for a vote this week. Senators Patrick Leahy and Jim Jeffords say the amendment is little more than a political ploy by Republican lawmakers to win support from their conservative backers. (VPR)

Ski Resorts See Growth Potential in Summer Recreation
Ski industry analysts point out that Vermont skier visits have increased slightly over the past few years. That’s good news for an industry that had been fairly flat. But many Vermont ski resorts see much bigger growth potential in summer. (VPR)

Reconstructed Route 9 Opens
A highway project more that 20 years in the works marked its official completion on Tuesday. VPR’s Susan Keese was at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Route 9 in Wilmington, and she files this report. (VPR)

Dean VP Bid
A group of political activists has given up its bid to draft former presidential candidate Howard Dean as the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate. A committee of Dean’s backers had vowed to mount a floor fight at the Democratic National Convention in Boston to draft Dean. (AP)

Killington Meets NH Governor
Town officials from Killington were given a warm welcome and a state flag by New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson on Tuesday. They were in Concord, New Hampshire to talk with Benson about the town’s desire to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire. (AP)

Killington Secession Bill
A New Hampshire lawmaker says he’ll sponsor a bill to help Killington become part of the Granite State. Nashua Republican Henry McElroy says he sees someone who needs help and is sympathetic to their complaint. Killington says Vermont is overtaxing it because it is a wealthy community. McElroy says that’s unfair. (AP)

Missing Fuel Rods
The highly radioactive fuel segments reported missing from the Vermont Yankee spent fuel pool have been found — in the pool. Engineers at the plant used a robotic tool to open a special cylinder in the pool Tuesday and found the fuel pieces inside. (AP)

MA Same-Sex Marriage
A lawyer for same-sex couples from Vermont and five neighboring states has told a Massachusetts judge that they should be able to marry in the Bay State. Attorney Michelle Granda argued before a Superior Court judge Tuesday that a 1913 state law barring out-of-state gay couples from marrying in Massachusetts is discriminatory and should be struck down. (AP)

Pownal Racetrack
A Dorset developer could be the new owner of the long-vacant Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal. Jack Appelman could redevelop the site into a multi-use complex that would include retail space and low-income housing. The deal won’t be final until Friday. (AP)

Lamoille County Flood Damage
It could cost a million dollars to repair the damage from the flash flooding that hit sections of Stowe on Monday afternoon. A rare thunderstorm dumped four inches of rain on the Moscow section of Stowe in an hour Monday afternoon. (AP)

Printer Pays Waste Disposal Penalty
The Capital City Press will pay $4,500 for violating Vermont’s hazardous waste rules. State officials say the violations included not properly disposing of waste ink and inadequate record keeping. The violations occurred at the company’s Berlin plant. (AP)

Burlington Homicide Investigation
Burlington police say a boyfriend and girlfriend who lived in the same house as missing mother of missing two are now considered suspects in her murder. Investigators won’t say why they believe 25-year-old Ligia Rae Collins is dead. (AP)

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