Judge declares mistrial over taped interview; State Police apologize

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Vermont State Police are apologizing and say they’ll investigate the failure to turn over to the defense police video of an interview of a woman charged in a fatal accident 18 months ago in Newbury.

That failure resulted in a mistrial for 32-year-old Kristy O’Meara, of Wells River, who is charged with negligent operation in the crash.

Police say O’Meara swerved into the northbound lane of Route 5, slamming into a van driven by 27-year-old Christina Ellison, of Haverhill, N.H., who was nine months pregnant. Ellison died two weeks later from injuries suffered in the wreck.

While being questioned by a defense attorney in court in Chelsea on Tuesday, a Vermont state trooper said police had a videotaped interview with O’Meara after the collision.

But Judge Theresa DiMauro ruled it was never disclosed by State Police, violating O’Meara’s right to due process.

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