John Murtha visits Vermont to support Welch

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(Host) Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha was in Vermont today to support Democratic congressional candidate Peter Welch and to honor Vermonters in the military.

Murtha is a decorated war veteran who made headlines last winter when he called for the redeployment of American troops in Iraq.

Prior to the Burlington rally, Murtha said it was time to change the Bush administration’s policy of stay the course in Iraq

(Murtha) “And I go to the hospitals every week, and I see these young people blown apart. And I say to myself, there comes a point when you have to change direction. You can’t just rubberstamp an administration. You can’t just be with an administration when it makes mistake after mistake after mistake. In the first place- we shouldn’t go to war, unless it threatens our national security. And obviously it didn’t threaten our national security, as we know now.”

(Host) Congressman John Murtha said that once Saddam Hussein was toppled, the U.S. became the occupiers’ in Iraq. He said that more than 70% of Sunnis and Shia believe that the U.S. should leave.

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