Jeffords Supports Kerry’s Choice of Running Mate

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(Host) Senator Jim Jeffords says he believes that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s chances in November have improved with North Carolina Senator John Edwards on the ticket.

Jeffords, who’s the only independent member of the U.S. Senate, says he’s worked with Edwards on a number of key projects in the past few years, including legislation dealing with the clean air act:

(Jeffords) “He brings, first of all and everybody knows he’s from the South and if the Republicans are going to be beat they’re going to have to be beat in the South. I think that’s the best shot at it. So I think that will help immensely with respect to the southern voters but also he’s a very bright young man. He speaks very well. I was impressed with him when I listened to him on the trail and he’s done very well with his committee work and very personable. I think he’s a good candidate.”

(Host) In recent months, Jeffords has attended a number of fundraising events for the National Democratic Party, and he says there’s no doubt that he’ll campaign for the Kerry-Edwards ticket this fall:

(Jeffords) “Oh yes, I definitely will. I’m enthusiastic about it and I’m very hopeful that we’re going to take over the House and Senate and president of the United States.”

(Host) Jeffords says he views the 2004 presidential election as an important turning point in the country’s history. He says he’s disappointed that President Bush has chosen to go to war against Iraq and has not addressed many of the key domestic issues facing the United States.

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