Jeffords campaigns for Shaheen in NH gov. race

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(Host) Senator James Jeffords traveled to New Hampshire this week to endorse Democratic Governor Jeanne Shaheen in her bid to be elected to the United States Senate.

In the past few months, Jeffords has campaigned for a number of incumbent Democratic senators and has given the keynote address at several fund raising events for the Party’s efforts to maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

Jeffords, who threw control of the Senate to the Democrats when he became an independent last year, says he feels it’s critical for the country to have a Democratic Senate for the next two years:

(Jeffords) “What’s at stake is, I think the most important election that we’ve had in a long time. And that’s balance, the ability to make sure that we have a good two-party system, with good debates and people who will then get together and make rational decisions. And if it gets too far to one side, if we lose that balance, then we could be in real trouble.”

(Host) Jeffords says he’s planning several more campaign appearances on behalf of Democratic Senate candidates in the next few weeks. Despite his desire to elect a Democratic Senate, Jeffords says he will not endorse any candidates who are running against incumbent Republican senators.

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