Jeffords announces wind power grant

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(Host) Senator Jim Jeffords has secured a federal grant to help train students at Vermont Technical College in the complexities of wind power. The two-point-one million dollar grant will be used to study the development of wind power technology and to research the possibility of developing a new electrical distribution system in the state.

Jeffords expects that demand for wind energy is going to grow in the coming years, and he wants Vermont students to be ready to meet the challenges of this new technology:

(Jeffords) “My main concern is to make sure that we’re training the workers that will have the capacity to provide that kind of science that’s necessary to really improve our wind industry and its capacities. And also to make sure good jobs go to our Vermonters. And they’re good jobs, they’re science bound so they’ll probably have a job for life when they train and learn how to understand, work in the wind energy area.”

(Host) Jeffords says he’d like to see the development of some new wind projects in the state as long as these projects are constructed on a reasonable scale.

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