January 31, 2002 – News At a Glance

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Dairy Compact
Dozens of farmers and their supporters gathered at the Statehouse Tuesday night to testify that milk prices are falling fast and farmers lack a safety net. (VPR)

Anti-Terrorism Bill
The Dean administration is proposing an anti-terrorism plan that requires photo driver’s licenses as a new Vermont identification card. (VPR)

Fogel Visits UVM
Daniel Fogel, newly named president of the University of Vermont, met faculty and students on his first visit to campus Wednesday. (VPR)

Elderly Check Fraud
The Vermont House gave approval to legislation that will allow an elderly person to authorize another individual to sign checks only for a specific purpose. (VPR)

Voyer Will Not Run
Representative Cathy Voyer decided that she will not run for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor. (AP)

Medicinal Marijuana
Representative David Zuckerman has introduced a bill to allow seriously ill people to grow and smoke marijuana. (AP)

Lyn Jarvis Retires
Lyn Jarvis is retiring after 27 years of hosting the television program “Across the Fence” on WCAX. (AP)

Mobile Medical
A St. Johnsbury company has won a federal contract to supply the military with mobile medical systems. The contract is worth $3.5 million.

Prescription Drugs
The Vermont Senate is trying again to enact a law lowering prescription drug prices for seniors and the poor. The bill would allow Vermont to bargain with drug companies for bulk pricing. (AP)

Steve Delaney talks with incoming UVM President Daniel Fogel. (VPR)

Death Penalty Sought
Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Rutland native Donald Fell. They charge that he kidnapped a woman, drove her car to New York, and killed her there. (AP)

Hyde Park accountant Charles Loudon, already on probation for embezzlement, is in trouble again for wrecking the value of a piece of land to keep the authorities from seizing it. (AP)

Winter Storm
There are weather-related school closings in southern VT because of an incoming ice and snow storm. (AP)

Fletcher Allen
A hearing will determine whether Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington needs a state permit for its new parking garage. (AP)

VT snowmobile clubs are fighting an effort to double the amount of wilderness in the Green Mountain National Forest. That would keep snowmobiles off an additional 79,000 acres. (AP)

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