January 30 – News At a Glance

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Champion Lands
In 1999, the Legislature overwhelming approved the Champion land deal. Now some of the same House members who voted for the deal say they were blind-sided when the state unveiled a plan to ban logging on 9% of the acreage. (VPR)

Legislators’ Reunion
Several dozen former lawmakers returned to the Statehouse this week for a reunion and shared memories of the landmark debates that have occurred in the Legislature. (VPR)

Transportation Fees
The House gave its preliminary approval to legislation that raises more than 100 different transportation fees. The legislation is designed to raise nearly $10 million for local road and bridge repair work. (VPR)

Cigarette Tax
A coalition of 78 Vermont organizations urged the Legislature on Tuesday to back a plan to increase the state cigarette tax by 67 cents a pack. (VPR)

The departing president of Green Mountain College discusses the changes on his campus in the eight years of his tenure. (VPR)

Weather & Road Conditions
Driving conditions are dangerous in the south due to ice, and sloppy in the north due to snow. Many school closings and delays are resulting from weather. (AP)

State of the Union
Vermont’s Congressional delegation reacted to last night’s State of the Union address by supporting the anti-terrorism campaign and by challenging President Bush’s domestic policy goals. (AP)

Dairy Compact
Vermont dairy farmers told a Legislative hearing last night that they’re having trouble getting by, now that the Northeast Dairy Compact has expired. A bill to replace the compact is stalled in the US Senate. (AP)

Immigrant Smuggling
Police arrested a Montreal man who attempted to smuggle eight Haitians into Vermont across the Quebec border near Alburg, VT. The man faces eight months in federal prison. (AP)

A long-running feud between Vermont utilities and small independent power producers has been settled. Utility officials hope the deal will result in savings for ratepayers. The Public Service Board will review the proposal. (AP)

Cone Blanchard
The Windsor machine tool company will be closed after being sold yesterday to an Illinois company. The plant’s has forty workers will be laid off. At it’s height 20 years ago, Cone Blanchard employed 800 workers. (AP)

Presidential Hopeful
North Carolina Democratic Senator John Edwards, a presidential hopeful, will spend three days in New Hampshire late this week building support for his candidacy. (AP)

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