January 3, 2004 – News at a glance

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Contract with private prison
The state of Vermont has signed a contract with a private prison company to house up to 700 inmates in Tennessee and Kentucky. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Everyone’s an expert
Vermonters are routinely asked about Howard Dean, now that he’s considered the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Newspapers and television and radio programs are in constant search of someone to talk to about Dean – and friends and relatives want the home state perspective on the candidate. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Sanders dairy bill
Vermont Congressman Bernard Sanders has prepared new legislation that would combine elements of the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact and more traditional milk subsidies to help farmers. Sanders’ bill, which he calls the National Dairy Equity Act, would set up five regional marketing regions, each with a minimum price for bottled milk. (AP)

Brattleboro mascot
Officials at Brattleboro Union High School say the school should drop a mascot image some deem racist, but continue with the Colonel as the school’s team name. Superintendent Ronald Stahley and Principal James Day wrote a joint letter suggesting a compromise solution to the debate over the name and symbol. (AP)

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