January 22, 2004 – News at a glance

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Property destruction bill
A House committee is looking at a bill that would change state law to clarify when landowners can kill black bears that destroy their property. A measure before the House Fish and Wildlife Committee would allow landowners to kill bears that have damaged livestock, pets, bee hives, vehicles or some crops. (AP)

John Evans named new dean of UVM medical school
John Evans, a professor of physiology and biophysics, has been acting dean of the college of medicine since last summer. He succeeds Joseph Warshaw, who died last month. (AP)

Howard Dean in VT and NH today
Howard Dean returns to New Hampshire today after a brief stop at home in Vermont yesterday to see his son play hockey. Dean spends the morning at town hall meetings in Lebanon and Claremont before heading to Newport to do some door-to-door campaigning. Dean ends the day in Manchester, NH at a televised debate for the Democratic candidates. (AP)

House approves budgetary changes
The Vermont House has approved some changes to the state budget for the current fiscal year. Some of the additional spending is earmarked for the state hospital in Waterbury, which has lost its federal funding because of problems at the facility. (AP)

VT transportation aid to increase
Vermont would see a 37% increase in the amount of federal transportation aid it would receive over the next 6 years under a bill currently up for review in the senate. Senator James Jeffords is the ranking minority member of the committee that is writing the bill. (AP)

Tax credit
The IRS says many low income Vermonters can qualify this year for an Earned Income Tax Credit, and should check to see if they qualify. (AP)

Kerry campaigns in NH
Massachusetts senator John Kerry has been emphasizing his personal travails and accomplishments as he campaigns in advance of the New Hampshire primary. (AP)

Dean volunteers out in full force in NH
The people who know Howard Dean best are heading to New Hampshire to help boost Dean’s campaign for the presidency. The Dean campaign says busloads of Vermonters are crossing the Connecticut River to help their former governor. On Saturday Senator Patrick Leahy will be leading a delegation of at least 165 volunteers on four buses. (AP)

Dean campaign contributions continue
Howard Dean’s campaign has raised close to $600,000 since the Iowa caucuses, despite Dean’s poor showing in Iowa. The money will help the campaign compete in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. (AP)

Dean calls for campaign finance change
Howard Dean wants to change the system of financing federal campaigns, reducing the amount an individual can give to a candidate from $2,000 to $250. Howard Dean says he wants to put more limits on campaign contributions and increase the share taxpayers pay for presidential campaigns. Dean says special interests have bought both parties and that Washington lawmakers look after big donors instead of ordinary people. (AP)

Sports scores
The mens’ UVM basketball team won its 7th straight game, defeating Dartmouth, but the womens’ team lost in double overtime to Hartford. (AP)

Blue Cross/Mutual of Omaha plan scrapped
A plan has been scrapped to transfer 4,100 health insurance policies from Mutual of Omaha to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont. The plan fell apart over questions of allowing Blue Cross to create a for-profit subsidiary for the deal. (AP)

Kidney dialysis in Northeast Kingdom
A Vermont lawmaker is urging four hospitals to find a way to provide kidney dialysis treatment to patients in the Northeast Kingdom. Representative Thomas Koch is asking a state agency to convene talks between the hospitals and provide a facilitator. (AP)

Sportsmen say wind projects threaten hunting
A coalition of hunters and trappers are calling for a moratorium on new wind energy projects. The groups are particularly worried about wind projects that may be proposed for the former Champion paper company land in the Northeast Kingdom. (VPR)

Chinese New Year
There will be fireworks in the sky and celebrations on the streets in China today – it is the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Monkey. To find out more about this holiday celebrated by millions of Asians around the world, we’re joined on the line by Ming Yu-Goo-eh, the principal of the Vermont Chinese School in Burlington. Good morning and Happy New Year… (VPR)

Kerry endorsements
Massachusetts senator John Kerry has been endorsed by the Boston Globe and Herald newspapers. (AP)

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