Isle La Motte Moves Welcome Sign To Higher Ground

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(Host) The Town of Isle La Mott has decided to move its welcome sign to higher ground after record flooding this spring.

This year during the flood the sign was submerged and water covered most of it.

Betsy Howland is the town clerk, and she had the idea of moving the sign up away from the lakeshore.

(Howland )"One of our town contractors said that next time he goes by with the appropriate piece of equipment he just might grab it and haul it up higher. And I said, ‘Well, if he’ll do that I’ll get some soil in it and put mums in it before the end of the season.’"

(Host) Howland says it’s a small project compared to other flood repairs in town, but a symbolic one.

Isle La Motte has spent nearly $220,000 so far on flood damage repairs this year.

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