Iraqi professor praises Saddam Hussein’s capture

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(Host) An Iraqi-born Vermonter says he is elated that Saddam Hussein has been apprehended. Abbas Alnasrawi is professor emeritus at the University of Vermont. Alnasrawi says the capture finally dispels any concern that Saddam Hussein might continue to influence events in Iraq.

(Alnasrawi) “I had a great sense of relief for myself as a former Iraqi citizen and for the country as a whole. His removal from the scene is a great accomplishment.”

(Host) Alnasrawi says the capture has provided a much needed boost in goodwill toward Americans in Iraq. He says it’s important that the U.S. now take advantage of that goodwill, and help Iraqis to form a democratic government without trying to control the outcome.

Alnasrawi says he has remained in touch with relatives in Iraq.

(Alnasrawi) “They have been telling me that their first and most important requirement is security and stability, and the United States has not done well along those lines. They do support the presences of the United States in Iraq and they think that the United States should continue to remain in Iraq until a new political structure is put in place.”

(Host) Alnasrawi, who is an American citizen, says he hopes he’ll soon have the chance to visit his family. He last traveled to Iraq in 1980.

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