Interview: Woodward supporters protest in Brattleboro

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A fatal police shooting of a man in a Brattleboro church two years ago today will be marked with a silent march of protest this afternoon by those who insist the shooting was unjustified.

Few of the events from two years ago are agreed upon, but what is generally acknowledged as fact is that on a Sunday morning, 37-year old Robert Woodward of Bellows Falls entered the All Souls Unitarian-Universalist Church just before a service was about to begin, brandishing a knife. Two Brattleboro police officers called to the scene opened fire on Woodward, who later died.

Brattleboro police maintain their lives were threatened and the shooting was justified. The organizers of the “Justice for Woody” march taking place today do not. Joining me on the line is the march’s media spokesperson Paul Borneo.

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