Interview: Sarwar Kashmeri, author, “America and Europe after 9/11 and Iraq: The Great Divide”

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He’s had private conversations with some of the world’s most powerful heads of state, including the first President Bush, former British Prime Minister John Major, and General Wesley Clark.

So when it comes to perspectives on why the United States is at odds with the nations that make up the European Union, there are few people with more insight than Sarwar Kashmeri.

Kashmeri lives in Reading, Vermont, and advises corporations in strategic communications and marketing. Tonight at Lyndon State College he’ll discuss his new book about the fractured relationship between the U.S. and the E.U.

He spoke with Mitch Wertlieb and says the tale of the initial romance and eventual ugly break up begins with the headline in France’s largest newspaper Le Monde that said following the 9/11 attacks We are all Americans Now.

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