Interview: Reuben Koroma, Refugee All-Stars

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The African nation of Sierra Leone suffered through a military coup and a rebel war that followed in the late 1990s, forcing thousands of people to flee for their lives to refugee camps across the border in Guinea.

One of those people was Reuben Koroma, a musician who turned his misfortune into an artistic miracle. He founded a group called the Refugee All-Stars. They’ve since played with the likes of Keith Richards and Paul McCartney, and were featured in an award-winning documentary last year.

The group will be in Barre tomorrow night to raise money for Vermont Refugee Assistance.

Mitch Wertlieb spoke with band leader Reuben Koroma about his long road to salvation through music.

Note: Reuben Koroma and the rest of the Refugee All-Stars will play a benefit concert tomorrow night for Vermont Refugee Assistance at the Barre Opera House. Doors open at 7:30 and the concert starts at 8:00.

NPR story on the Refugee All-Stars

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