Interview: Philip Baruth’s “The X-President”

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(Charnoff) In the new novel “The X President”, the year is 2055, and the United States is on the losing side of the latest world war.

Author Philip Baruth imagines a 109 year old Bill Clinton, referred to in the book as BC. BC is living all but forgotten on a compound in Arkansas, hoping that his official biographer Sal can salvage his tarnished reputation.

With the help of some mysterious government agents, Sal is given the opportunity to travel back in time to 1963, and literally rewrite history.

Philip Baruth is a professor of English at the University of Vermont, and we should say that he’s also a regular commentator on VPR. He joins us in our Colchester studios.

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(Charnoff) Philip Baruth is the author of “The X President”, published by Bantam Books.

He’ll be reading from the novel at Book King in Rutland, Saturday evening at 7 and at Borders Books in West Lebanon Sunday afternoon at 3.

Additional appearances:

Borders Books, Nashua, NH
11/21 3 P.M.

Borders Books, Concord, NH
11/22 11 P.M.

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