Interview: Paul Richardson on Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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As we’ve been hearing this morning, the famed Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn has died at the age of 89.

The man who revealed to the world the conditions and practices of the Russian Gulag under Stalin was deported from his homeland in 1974, and settled on a 50-acre estate in Cavendish in 1976.

The reclusive Solzhenitsyn granted few interviews, but the editor of Russian Life Magazine Paul Richardson was able to speak with Solzhenitsyn’s wife Natalya in Moscow this past spring.

Richardson said the interview took place in the very room where Solzhenitsyn was arrested by Soviet authorities just prior to his exile.

He says Vermont turned out to be the perfect place for the writer and his wife to live in the United States.

Click listen to hear the entire interview.

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