Interview: NHPR’s Laura Knoy on the changing presidential campaign

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Every four years, New Hampshire Public Radio’s Laura Knoy gets to know the men and women who would be president.

Here she is getting into the nitty-gritty of Senator Joe Biden’s plan to divide Iraq into various sectarian regions:

(Knoy) "Iraq’s main problem is these ethnic divides, so why adopt a policy that encourages them rather than discourages them?"

(Biden) "Whoever asks that questions doesn’t understand history. There’s never been a single, solitary time in American history or world history where a self-sustaining cycle of sectarian violence like the one in Iraq has ever been ended except in one of four ways: you occupy the country for two generations, we’re not an empire, thank god, two, you set up a dictator which would be the ultimate irony, or three you pick out a side and wipe out the other one, or four, you set up a federal system, just like we did in Bosnia…"

Laura Knoy is host of the state-wide call-in program "The Exchange" on NHPR…and this year, she says, she’s spoken with almost every presidential contender:


Click listen to hear the entire interview.

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