Interview: Mike Laramee on Meal Train

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So let’s say you know a family that’s just had a baby…they’re sleep-deprived, scrambling to get used to their life-changing circumstances, and just getting a good meal is something of a challenge to say the least. So, you want to help out and bring them some food.

Now you could try calling them to find out the best time to come by, what they want or don’t…but that phone call may come at a bad time, and a mass email to others to get the process started will probably mean you get a whole bunch of messages back asking a whole lot of questions you’re not prepared to answer.

Enter the Meal Train. That’s the name of a web site created by Mike Laramee of Burlington, who came upon a simple idea for getting meals to people.  He spoke with VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb about the service.

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