Interview: Megan Ganz of the Onion

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Here are some recent headlines you might have missed:

"Evolutionists flock to Darwin-shaped wall stain, ‘ "No one on the SWAT team wants to wait in the ventilation duct with Howard, "and when asked about rumors that Vermont might want to secede from the United States, an area man says: "There’s only one way to stop this seditious maneuver, and that’s for Subaru to refuse to sell Vermonters any more station wagons."

These are stories the mainstream media ignored, because of course, they’re
fake. But they’re the lifelblood of The Onion, which dubs itself "America’s Finest News Source."

Staff from the Onion will be on hand for the Burlington Book festival, which begins today. We spoke with assistant editor Megan Ganz from New York City, where she’s worked at the Onion for the past two years.

Ganz says if you’ve never encountered the Onion before, this is what you can expect:

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