Interview: John Valente, Midway Diner, Rutland on the storm

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As of this morning, some 14,000 people were still without power due to the windstorms that hit Vermont and much of the region on Sunday and Monday.

Central Vermont Public Service says more than 120 utility crews are working to repair electric lines, and outside crews are helping out, some coming from as far away as Ontario.

CVPS estimates the cost to repair all the damage at around $2.5 million, which would set a record for the state’s largest utility.

Much of the worst damage was sustained in Rutland, where at least one third of CVPS’s customer base is still off line. But some businesses are up and running and they’ve become a welcome oasis for much-needed goods and services.

One of those businesses is the Midway Diner in Rutland City. John Valente is the owner of the Midway. He spoke with Mitch Wertlieb about the storm during a larger than normal mid-morning rush.

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