Interview: Drew Cameron, Iraq Troop Surge

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President Bush’s plan to send up to 21,000 new troops to Iraq is running into stiff opposition in Washington, with a resolution signed by many Democrats and some Republicans that oppose the escalation.

That resolution, though, is non-binding, and Drew Cameron doesn’t think it will change the President’s decision to increase forces in Iraq.

That’s part of the reason why Cameron says he’s speaking out against the war. Drew Cameron served in Iraq in the earliest phase of the invasion, in 2003. He also served two years in Vermont’s National Guard and is currently a student at UVM.

Tonight he’ll be part of a panel discussion in Burlington, where he’ll explain why he’s also the New England regional coordinator for Iraq Veterans against the War.

He spoke with Mitch Wertlieb about the discussion and said his whole viewpoint of the war, and serving his country, has changed since the time he signed up.

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