Interview: Democrats and Republicans prepare for state conventions

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Even though the Legislature closed up for the year last night, there are still plenty of politicians around in central Vermont. And they’re getting ready for Saturday, when they take an important step in the central function of organized politics: getting the right people elected to public office.

The Republicans and the Democrats are both holding their state conventions Saturday, both choosing delegates to their national nominating conventions this summer, and both telling the party faithful that their formula for the future is the only way to go. The Democrats, under state chairman Scudder Parker, meet at 9:30 Saturday morning at the Civic Auditorium in Barre, and the Republicans, under chairman Jim Barnett, convene at 10:00 at Montpelier High School.

Steve Delaney talks with the chairs of both parties about their prospects for this election year. (To hear the interview, click on the “Listen” icon.)

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