Interview: Chuck Pippinger, The Battle of Valcour Island

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In the off-chance that you may be suffering from Pariskaveeda-katriaphobia today – that of course being the fear of Friday the 13th, we’re offering an alternative to get your mind off this date by going back in time.

It was on this date 230 years ago that a key but often overshadowed Revolutionary War naval battle ended in a small bay of Lake Champlain.

The 3-day Battle of Valcour Island featured a daring and desperate strategic move by then-rebel commander Benedict Arnold.

Chuck Pippinger picks up the tale. He’s an adjunct professor of Neurology at the University of Vermont. He’s also an amateur historian who especially loves researching naval history.

He says Benedict Arnold’s efforts during the 1776 Battle of Valcour Island set the stage for one of the biggest rebel victories in the war the following year.

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