Interview: Castle Freeman, author of “Go With Me”

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Vermont author Castle Freeman Jr. takes us into the backwoods of Vermont in his new novel, "Go With Me".

The book is a King Arthur tale of chivalry, told as a modern-day black comedy.

Go With Me concerns Lillian, a young woman who is being stalked and threatened by a local bully named Blackway.

She sets off to confront Blackway with a pair of unlikely heroes, Lester Speed, a crafty ex-logger with a bum leg, and the young, silent Nate the Great, described as "smarter than a horse, not smarter than a tractor".

Commenting on the action is a Greek chorus of old-timers, who spend their days drinking and shooting the breeze at the old mill.

Go With Me is Castle Freeman Jr.’s third novel. He has also been the lead essayist for "The Old Farmer’s Almanac" for the past 25 years.

Freeman lives in Newfane; he spoke with VPR’s Neal Charnoff.

Castle Freeman will be appearing at Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon, Thursday evening at 7, and at Misty Valley Books in Chester, Sunday afternoon at 4.

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