Increasing wood pellet usage in Vermont is goal of new company

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The first of what will ultimately be a 200-ton shipment of wood pellets
arrived from Canada in St. Johnsbury yesterday.

The pellets will be stored in silos and it’s the hope of Jock Gill that
eventually the pellets will be produced in Vermont and used to heat large
scale buildings.

Jock Gill is the co-founder of Biomass Commodities Corporation. I met up
with him at this month’s Renewable Energy Conference in South Burlington.

I also spoke with Gill’s business partner Charlie Niebling, General
Manager of Sales at New England Wood Pellet of Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

The two men say wood pellets are an underused renewable energy source, and
Gill says he started Biomass Commodities to change that status, while
planning for Vermont’s long-term energy future:


Jock Gill and Charlie Niebling discuss wood pellets at the a recent renewable energy conference.

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