In Vermont, Down-Ticket Races To Be Closely Watched

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Vermont voters are headed to the polls to elect a governor, U.S. senator and their lone U.S. House representative.

But it’s expected the only statewide political drama will be in the down-ticket races. Retired Middlebury College political science Professor Eric Davis says Vermont voters have never turned out an incumbent U.S. senator. Only twice in the past century have incumbent governors or members of the U.S. House been defeated.

That bodes well for the campaigns of Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin, independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch. Davis expects all of them to win re-election handily.

Davis says the statewide political race to watch Tuesday is the bitter contest for state treasurer. Democrat Beth Pearce and GOP challenger Wendy Wilton are the front runners in a tight race.

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