In Killington, Searching For A Golf Course Consultant

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(Host) The town of Killington has a job opening for a golf course consultant.

The Killington select board is searching for a marketing specialist to help it manage Green Mountain National Golf Course.

The course is the only one in Vermont that’s owned by a municipality, and for years the town has struggled to pay off its debt.

Town officials say that obligation is now more than $5 million, and they’re hoping a consultant will suggest new revenue generating ideas.

Chris Bianchi is the chairman of the Killington select board. He says since nobody on the board is a golf industry expert, the town is willing to pay up to $12,000 for marketing advice.

(Bianchi) "We see a lot of metrics comparing different stats at the golf course, such as number of rounds, number of days open, number of employees, maintenance cost, that indicate we’re doing a very good job at running our golf course. Some of the debt problems that we’re having is because the golf industry worldwide is down."

(Host) Bianchi says Killington needs to be proactive in trying to get as much revenue out of Green Mountain National.

This year, Killington has already earmarked $25,000 for golf marketing, and $220,000 for refinancing the golf course’s debt.

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