IDX says London employees are safe

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(Host) A Vermont company has offices in London near one of the subway stops where the terrorist attacks took place. IDX, a medical software company from South Burlington, has about 500 employees in London.

IDX Human Resources director Cindy Limoges says all the employees are safe, but they were shaken up by the rush hour attacks.

(Limoges) “They are of course unnerved as you would expect. Certainly were getting in touch with their families as soon as they could, both in the U.S. and the UK. I would say they’re also – and this is the spirit of IDX – they’re also wanting to be able to help in any way they can.”

(Host) Limoges says workers have volunteered to help at a hospital that’s nearby the company’s London offices.

She says the bombings shouldn’t have much impact on the company’s operations. Some workers will have the day off on Friday, and others will have the option to work from home.

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