Hundreds mourn Hull at Statehouse service

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(Host) Hundreds of people came to the Statehouse on Friday afternoon to remember former Education Commissioner Marc Hull who passed away earlier this week.

Hull was commissioner from 1996 to 1999 and guided the state through debates over school funding and student assessment.

His deputy commissioner during this period, Marge Petite, said Hull’s primary focus was always to help children:

(Petite) “It quickly became apparent to me that I was working with one of the most remarkable human beings that I would have the privilege to work with, and more importantly to know. I learned that he had a belief system that kept children squarely in the center, with his unrelenting faith in the potential of every child to learn, and watch this guy. Every decision that he made – painfully sometimes – his belief system was real and we knew it. And in Marc’s quiet and unassuming way he inspired us.”

(Host) Governor Jim Douglas praised Hull as a person who worked tirelessly throughout his entire career to improve the educational opportunities of children throughout Vermont.

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