House Supports More Staff for Environmental Court

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(Host) The Vermont House has given its strong preliminary approval to legislation that sponsors hope will increase the productivity of the state’s Environment Court.

The Court currently operates with one judge who often travels around the state with very little clerical assistance. At times, the Court has developed a lengthy backlog due to the large number of cases that have been filed in its docket.

The new bill gives the Environmental Court fulltime clerical help and will allow up to four other state judges to sit on this court if another sizeable backlog develops. Pittsford Representative Peg Flory is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee:

(Flory) "H589 is a bill designed to correct some of the difficulties that were brought to light regarding Environmental Court by the Bryant Report. The first section allows the administrative judge to specially assign up to four judges as needed on a part-time basis to the Environmental Court."

(Host) The measure is scheduled to come up for final approval in the House Wednesday.

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