House members to return for veto session

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(Host) Lawmakers will be returning to the Statehouse next week because Governor Jim Douglas has vetoed a piece of legislation. The adjournment motion of the Legislature allows members to come back to Montpelier to give them an opportunity to override a gubernatorial veto.

Douglas vetoed a bill that deals with underinsured and uninsured motorists because the governor felt that the proposal had a number of unintended consequences and would create more problems than it would solve. The measure will come back to the House for its consideration.

Londonderry Representative Rick Hube, who serves as the Republican whip, says he doubts that a serious effort will be launched to override the veto.

(Hube) “It is a two-thirds vote of the members present. So if there are 120 members in the chamber, you know we’d need 80 votes in order to override the veto. I don’t anticipate – even if we had the votes, I’m not sure that would be the direction we would take.”

(Host) While the Legislature is in session, it’s technically possible for lawmakers to consider other bills that didn’t make the final deadline. But Hube says he seriously doubts that this will happen:

(Hube) “I’m sure, depending on who you ask, there are a whole series of things. But in order to do that there would have top be a whole series of rules suspensions and all sorts of stuff. And I don’t think at this point you’d get the rules suspensions in addition anybody’s looking to spend more than the minimum amount of time in Montpelier.”

(Host) House members will return the Statehouse on Wednesday. Members of the Senate will return only if the House votes to override the governor’s veto.

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