House Committee Seeks to Eliminate Commission on Women

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(Host) The Dean administration says it will fight a plan to eliminate the independent status of the Governor’s Commission on Women. The House Appropriations Committee on Monday afternoon voted to cut the budget of the Commission by more than $100,000 and to place the Commission directly under the jurisdiction of the governor’s office.

Some members of the Appropriations Committee argue that times have changed and that it’s no longer necessary to have an independent Commission on Women. But Administration Secretary Kathy Hoyt thinks this view is shortsighted:

(Hoyt) "Women have come a long ways and I must admit that, all of us agree. The one thing that I think that we see the Commission filling a role of education and referral that I don’t think anybody else can do very easily."

(Host) The issue is expected to be debated by the full House next week when the proposed state budget for next year comes to the floor for a vote.

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