Horse survives accidental plunge into frozen pool

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A horse was rescued yesterday after accidentally taking an icy plunge in a swimming pool.

Jet, a 6-year-old quarterhorse, walked onto the frozen in-ground pool Thursday and broke through six inches of ice into about 3 1/2 feet of water, becoming trapped.

His owner, Janet Waite says the pool must have looked like a meadow to him.

Vermont State Police Cpl. Gary Shuhart said the horse shook uncontrollably and was losing strength as several rescue attempts failed. Shuhart responded to the incident after being flagged down by a passerby.

Finally, rescuers broke the ice in a corner of the pool and got a rope around the horse’s neck, pulling him to safety and wrapping him in a blanket. He was taken to a veterinarian where he was treated.  

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