Homeless shelters running out of funds

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(Host) Advocates for the homeless say they’re worried that some Vermont families might be thrown out onto the streets.

They say state government needs to put more money into an emergency program that helps ensure that the children of homeless adults have a place to stay.

Tim Searles of the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity took part in a summit today looking into the issue.

He says the groups involved in today’s summit hope the Legislature can fix the problem when it convenes in January.

(Searles) "We’re certainly hoping that the state of Vermont will put additional funding into the emergency assistance program to make more resources available to house people who are homeless or at risk. And I think we had generally positive responses from state officials and legislators who were there today."

(Host) Motel rooms are rented for homeless families when there’s no space at a shelter. The families can stay for up to 28 days.

After that, if there’s still no space at a shelter and a family has no other options, they can stay at a motel for up to 84 days.

The state put $150,000 dollars in its budget to cover the costs of those extended stays.

But homeless shelters across the state are at capacity and advocates say the emergency money is expected to run out in the next few weeks.

Advocates are seeking an additional $300,00 for the program.

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