Hoff joins Clavelle on campaign trail

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(Host) Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Clavelle is launching a new phase of his campaign today with an effort to tie Republican Governor Jim Douglas to the war in Iraq. In a speech prepared for delivery Tuesday afternoon, Clavelle says Douglas has failed to show leadership by supporting the president’s policies in Iraq.

Appearing with Clavelle Tuesday is Democratic former Governor Phil Hoff. In the 1960s, Hoff became the first and only governor to break with President Lyndon Johnson over the war in Vietnam. Hoff says the same issues confront the country today.

(Hoff) “When it becomes clear that a war was a serious error, and has reached a point where it has a profound impact on a state, you as a leader of a state I think bound to speak up. And I think the war in Vietnam had reached that point when I spoke up. And I think that the war in Iraq has reached that point now.”

(Host) Hoff says he doesn’t want to tell Douglas what to do. But he says that the Iraq war has cost Vermont lives, and millions of dollars in federal funds that could have been used for housing or highway projects.

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