History Expo takes place this weekend

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(Host) Every community’s history is unique, but there are events that tie all of Vermont’s towns together: like the Civil War.

Nearly 35-thousand young men marched off to fight for the Union. Many didn’t return.

Among the events at this weekend’s annual History Expo at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds, is a chance to wander through a nearby cemetery to hear the stories of the civil war veterans buried there.

VPR’s Steve Zind joined one of the tour guides, whose connection to these stories is a personal one.

(Farnham) “I’m Euclid Farnham and I’m President of the Tunbridge Historical Society …

…people live fascinating lives.”

(Host) Euclid Farnham will help lead a guided tour of Civil War graves in the Tunbridge village cemetery Sunday at noon as part of the Vermont History Expo.

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