Hinsdales purchase neighboring Charlotte farm

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(Host) The family that has been proposing a large farm operation in Charlotte has just bought one of the town’s largest farms. The Hinsdale family purchased Nordic Farms, which sits along U.S. Route 7 for $840,000.

Earlier this year, the Hinsdales filed for a large farm permit with the Department of Agriculture. That proposal has drawn objections from neighbors over the scope of the project. Clark Hinsdale says the purchase may provide options for the Hinsdale’s expansion plans.

(Hinsdale) “The hope is to try to work with the town, and with the neighborhood, to reduce the impact of our farm by essentially dividing the campus to have part of the animals in one place and part in another. So there isn’t such a potentially big dairy campus all in one place.”

(Host) Clark Hinsdale is trying to get the state to grant a large farm permit in Charlotte.

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