Hingtgen seeks Progressive nomination for lt. governor

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(Host) Burlington Representative Steve Hingtgen says that he plans to seek the Progressive nomination for lieutenant governor this year. It’s a move that means that former Progressive candidate Anthony Pollina will not run for this post.

Hingtgen, who has served in the Legislature since 1998 and has focused on a number of human service and energy issues, says he’s eager to discuss his concerns in a statewide race:

(Hingtgen) “This is a decision that I have not taken lightly now. I’ve been serving for three terms here in the Statehouse through that time I’ve really tried to work on issues that perhaps weren’t always conventional, sometimes made other politicians a little nervous and I think that those positions were the right positions and I want to now take that message to the state.”

(Host) Hingtgen says he’s discussed his decision with Pollina and he expects Pollina will strongly support his campaign:

(Hingtgen) “I’ve always been a big supporter of Anthony’s and he’s a strong supporter of mine and I think that what you’ll see is that the two of us working together closely on this.”

(Host) Hingtgen plans to formally announce his campaign early next week.

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