Hill Announces Candidacy for Attorney General

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(Host) Middlebury attorney Cindy Hill announced on Tuesday that she’ll seek the Progressive nomination for attorney general. Standing just outside of the Vermont Supreme Court Building, Hill told reporters that if elected she would be an advocate for the people.

Hill, who has practiced law in Middlebury for the last 10 years, says she wants to be an activist attorney general:

(Hill) “I have a lifelong record of advocating for environmental justice and our independent, stable and economic future depends on the health and productivity of our farms, our forests, and our waterways. It’s really unconscionable that so many of our state waterways are in violation of our clean water laws. Among other things, to advocate for the restoration of the health of Lake Champlain, I would advocate for the prompt enforcement of storm water permits and the removal of the Peterson dam, which has been operating for quite some time in violation of the law.”

(Host) Incumbent Attorney General William Sorrell, who is a Democrat, is expected to seek re-election.

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