High School Students Participate in Historical Society

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(Host) The Vermont Historical Society has announced the creation of a pilot project that is designed to involve high school students in the history of their community.

The program, which will be established in eleven towns, will bring together students with members of the local historical society. The group will identify an important aspect of their town’s history, research the issue, and then create a curriculum proposal so that others can learn about the project.

Peter Mallory is the president of the Vermont Historical Society:

(Mallory) “We need to find ways to make connections between towns and towns’ histories because we have a lot of town histories that have been written over the last 100 years and many of them are wonderful. They tend to be very separate so I hope that part of what will happen here is we’re going to make connections between towns and see regions differently and how one town connects with another – what’s similar what’s different.”

(Host) The Community History Project also hopes to post much of the information that is gathered in the eleven towns on the Internet.

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