High Court Asked To Close Yankee

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An anti-nuclear group is asking the Vermont Supreme Court to order the immediate shutdown of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

The New England Coalition says Entergy Vermont Yankee has disobeyed Public Service Board orders by operating without a new state permit.

So it’s asked the high court to step in and enforce the PSB orders. Jared Margolis is a lawyer for the coalition. He says that when Entergy bought the plant in 2002, it promised to cease operations unless it got a new state permit, called a certificate of public good, or CPG.

"So this situation is based on…  commitments Entergy made, and then choices Entergy made, strategies they employed in litigating this situation," he said. "Now they find themselves operating in violation of the order. And there’s no reason to allow a company to operate in violation of a state order."

Entergy has a federal permit to operate until 2032. A federal court last January also allowed the plant to keep operating. But it still needs approval from the state. A decision on that case is not expected until next fall.

Margolis said if the Supreme Court agrees with his motion, Yankee could be shut down temporarily.

"We’re not asking them to enjoin them forever, to shut down forever. It’s just that they’re not allowed to operate right now until they receive a CPG," he says. 

An Entergy spokesman said the company is evaluating the New England Coalition motion and will file a response with the court.

The company said it’s focused on operating Yankee in a safe and reliable manner.


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