Heavy snow increases risk of barn collapse

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Heavy snow storms that hit over the weekend are increasing the risk of barn roof collapses.

The Agency of Agriculture is warning farmers to clear the snow from their roofs.

The Agency says just because a roof survives the initial storm, doesn’t mean there’s no risk. A roof may hold a heavy load for as many as 30 days after a storm before it looses structural integrity.  And, a roof that survived storms last year may have hidden structural damage that could become a problem this year.

Deputy Secretary Anson Tebbetts says clearing a roof is the best way to protect your farm.

The Agency says clearing both sides at the same time so that weight is evenly distributed is the best method, and to use proper safety precautions.

And for future storms, the agency says it’s important to know how much weight your roof can carry. If you’re unsure, they recommend hiring a professional engineer to find out.

After this year’s Valentine’s Day storm as many as 20 barn roofs collapsed killing between 75 and 100 animals.

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